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phone: 843 • 449 • 0877

hours: 24/7

Gym Rules & Regulations

Below are a few gym rules and regulations that all members must abide by:


MegaFitness Gym is a 24 hour 7 day a week facility for our members including public holidays.  Visitors can register and join during Staffed Hours as follows:

Monday-Friday:     8:30am-8pm

Friday:                     8:30am-5pm

Weekend                  9am-2pm

Your membership and door access will be activated on your scan card within 24 hours of you signing the waiver form. You can bring proof of membership and photo ID to access the facility during staffed hours till you get your membership and door access activated.

General Policies

We strive to uphold a safe, clean and enjoyable environment. As such, we expect proper, respectful conduct on the premises at all times.

We do not permit disrespectful conduct towards members, guests, employees or vendors, including but not limited to vulgar, profane, indecent, offensive, violent, hostile, aggressive, threatening, harassing, stalking, fraudulent, or other inappropriate conduct or language.

No Tobacco, smokeless, or otherwise, allowed

No gum/food/or any beverage but water allowed

No children under 18 years old without parental supervision. (Underage waiver must be signed by parent or guardian)

Do not bring in anything valuable (We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items). Lost and found items will be discarded if not claimed within 2 weeks from the day the item was found.

You will not be permitted to use the facility without your scan card during non-staffing hours at any time. Use of card by anyone other than you will cause it to be confiscated. Trespassing action will be enforced.

Under no circumstance is any member to train another member for compensation. If it is determined that paid personal training has been conducted on the premises, the trainer and trainee will each lose their membership.

Attire and Shoes

Proper workout attire (shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts) should be worn. No inappropriate or vulgar words or graphics may be worn. Jeans or pants with buttons, hardware(zippers/rivets), and straps are allowed.

No bare feet are allowed on the floor.

Shirts must be worn at all times.

Sand must be removed from shoes before entering the facility.

Cardio Equipment

The cardio equipment is available on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. You may use the equipment for 30 min or less at a time during busy times.

Please wipe down the machines after your workouts using the wipes provided at the facility.

It is strongly recommended you bring a personal workout towel.

It is the individual user’s responsibility to clean up cardio equipment for excessive sweating.

Free Weights

Use weight collars and pins at all times for your safety and that of others.

Return and Rack all weights (plates, dumbbells) after use. Violators will be asked to leave the facility.

Do not drop the weights or lean them up against anything, and use extreme caution in mirrored areas.

We highly recommend a personal towel to wipe off the upholstery after your use.


MegaFitness Gym recommends lifting with a partner. If you do not have a lifting partner, please check with our staffed hours to ensure staff assistance.

A MegaFitness employee has the right to step in and assist if necessary.

Fitness Services

Personal Training: Check brochure by the desk for more info.

Group Fitness Classes are available. Check posted notice for times.

Access to Training DVD’s available per request.

Machine Orientations: Free for members during staffed hours by appointment.

Locker Rooms

Use of Locker Rooms facilities on a daily basis only.

We do not provide locks for locker use. We do allow you to bring your own lock for daily use only. Use of lockers permits user agreement allowing locker to be searched at any time.


In case of emergency, contact a MegaFitness Gym employee immediately during staffed hours. The Staff Person will help contact the authorities when it is deemed necessary and provide emergency care if needed.

During unstaffed hours, you can use the phone located at the front desk to call for an emergency, if deemed necessary.

In case of fire or alarm, always use caution and safely leave the building.

Any activity or exercise resulting in pain, faintness, dizziness, or shortness of breath should be stopped immediately.

Violation of Rules

If any member violates any of the policies, MegaFitness Gym Owners have the right to revoke memberships.

A violation may also cause to terminate the membership according to the terms of the membership agreement.


Parking is provided for the use of our facility.

The Owners and Staff of MegaFitness Gym thank you for using our services and we wish you good luck with all your fitness endeavors.

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